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Private Gastronomic Club

The Private Club The Bunker was born to bring together those who, like its creator Julián Mármol, feel an inescapable attraction to Japanese Cuisine and who wish to enjoy it in its ultimate expression in an exclusive environment within the reach of just a privileged few. Only members may cross the threshold of The Bunker; a setting for exciting experiences which go beyond gastronomy.

Japanese Haute Cuisine to surprise, move and excite: that is the aim of this Private Club.

The Private Club has a limited number of members. The exclusive and private character of the Club means that not all requests can be answered, and so new members are only admitted when there are open spaces.


Corporate Events

We can offer you a truly special space to help turn your private event into a memorable experience. At our Private Club, you will see that we are truly dedicated and passionate about the finer details.
The gastronomic experience at Yugo The Bunker surprises, moves and excites; the secret ingredient that you were looking for at your event.


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