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Yugo is a concept created by Chef Julián Mármol, an enthusiast of Japanese haute cuisine whose quest for excellence is reflected in every dish. Be prepared for an incomparable experience. Awarded in 2019 with a Michelin Star, which was renewed in 2020, the restaurant offers two Tasting Menus prepared with the freshest and most natural products and ingredients available, as well as an extensive list of sake, wine and champagne.

Resturante japonés Yugo
Yugo Bunker

Yugo The Bunker surprises with two new gastronomic menus: CLASSICS OF THE BUNKER, a unique opportunity to enjoy some of our most celebrated bites and EVOLUTION, a menu full of novelties that reflects an evolution in the understanding and comprehension of each product in all its depth . As always, accompanied by the best offer of Sakes, wines and Champagnes on the market.


Tasting Menus

Julián Mármol, chef de Yugo The Bunker


Our Chef
Julián Mármol

Julián Mármol’s passion for Japanese haute cuisine has, after years of research, led him to create his individual style. This passion continuously allows him to create new dishes, to seek out remarkable seafood, to achieve the most precise cuts, to experiment with production processes…
A concept in which the raw ingredients are preserved and elaborated upon using a purely Japanese style, seeking perfection and excellence in each dish in order to arouse extraordinary sensations.

Exclusive Products

When we bring together the highest quality ingredients with traditions of the finest Japanese haute cuisine, the result is a menu brimming with dishes which make the senses tingle. The dishes at Yugo include wild fish and PDO products which are used to their full potential.

Julián Mármol himself personally selects the ingredients, brought from Alaska, Japan, Portugal or the Ebro Delta, always with the guarantee and utmost security offered by our prestigious suppliers. Through this comprehensive selection process, we ensure that our menu is exclusive, refined and fresh, so that unique and intense flavours may emerge.

A Sensory Journey without Leaving Home

Three fixed menus and an extensive list of signature recipes specially designed by our chef Julián Mármol for those who wish to enjoy the YUGO AT HOME experience.